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Holiday Calender
Sr.Holiday NameDateDayDay(s)
1 Not Applicable 14 January, 2019    Monday 1
2 Eid Ul Fitr 05 June, 2019   05 June, 2019 Wednesday 1
3 Palkhi 24 June, 2019   25 June, 2019 Monday 2
4 Bakri Eid 12 August, 2019   12 August, 2019 Monday 1
5 Raksha Bandhan 15 August, 2019   15 August, 2019 Thursday 1
6 Independence Day 15 August, 2019   15 August, 2019 Thursday 1
7 Parsi New Year 17 August, 2019   17 August, 2019 Saturday 1
8 Janamashtami 24 August, 2019   24 August, 2019 Saturday 1
9 Moharram 31 August, 2019   31 August, 2019 Saturday 1
10 Ganesh Chaturti 02 September, 2019   02 September, 2019 Monday 1
11 Ganpati Visarjan 12 September, 2019   13 September, 2019 Thursday 2
12 Gandhi Jayanti 02 October, 2019   02 October, 2019 Wednesday 1
13 Dussehra 08 October, 2019   08 October, 2019 Tuesday 1
14 Diwali Vacation 23 October, 2019   04 November, 2019 Wednesday 13
15 Eid E Milad 10 November, 2019   10 November, 2019 Sunday 1
16 Guru Nanak Jayanti 12 November, 2019   12 November, 2019 Tuesday 1
17 Christmas Vacation 23 December, 2019   01 January, 2020 Monday 10
18 Republic Day 26 January, 2020   26 January, 2020 Sunday 1
19 Shivaji Jayanti 19 February, 2020   19 February, 2020 Wednesday 1
20 Maha Shivratri 21 February, 2020   21 February, 2020 Friday 1
21 Holi 10 March, 2020   10 March, 2020 Tuesday 1
22 Gudi Padwa 25 March, 2020   25 March, 2020 Wednesday 1
23 Ram Navami 02 April, 2020   02 April, 2020 Thursday 1
24 Good Friday 10 April, 2020   10 April, 2020 Friday 1
25 Ambedkar Jayanti 14 April, 2020   14 April, 2020 Tuesday 1
  • Colourful Streamers and Clowns dressed in colourful clothes doing funny things marked the First Day of C P Goenkas new school in the new Wagholi campus. 
    It was a nostalgic moment when I got a little token with a Green Tea bag a few sweets and a tissue to wipe my tears. Saying "mommy we will be fine don't worry". 
    My heartiest Congratulations to Principal maam and C P Goenka School . May you sore higher and higher every year. 
    Sonali Khullar
    - Parent
  • Date: Tue, Oct 16, 2018, 5:21 PM
    Subject: Letter from Parth
    To: Principal - <principal@cpgoenkapune.com>, <principal.pune@cpgoenka.org>
    Cc: Secondary Coordinator <secondarycoordinator@cpgoenkapune.com>

    Good evening!
    Yesterday on Parths birthday I came across a cute little letter he wrote for his class teacher so sending it across.

    Dear Dharna ma'am

    Today it's my birthday, I was unwell today missed mom but at school you were so loving and caring it made me feel so much better. It was so special when you came downstairs to just see that I reach safely. It's not only today everyday at school you are always there when I feel I need a smiling support.

    I joined this new school but was deep scared inside feeling I will be so lonely and everything would be so different. You from first day made me feel comfortable and helped me to get along with my classmates, its tough but I am trying hard. You believed and supported me when I felt the whole wide world won't ever understand what I am struggling with.

    Ma'am do you know magic that all my problems seem so small when I come and tell you. I like to help you in small tasks. I know sometimes I do wrong things I am trying not to...

    Today I wish to thank God for making you my class teacher. I wish that your blessing stay with me always and I try to improve the way you wish I should.

    Your student

    - student
  • Dear Ma'am,
    I would like to extend our sincere and heartiest gratitude and wishes to the entire pre-primary team of CPGIS, pune, for all the efforts you all take to let our little buds bloom in the most effervescent manner. I must mention the amazing contribution of Nursery teachers- Ms. Asma Phirphire and Ms. Divya Sarsar, in shaping my daughter, Diya, into the most active and creative being, that I, as a parent, wished and longed to see. The hard work reached its zenith on the day of the Transport event. Not only the students, even we enjoyed a lot. For those hours, we became kids ourselves. I am deeply touched by the love and affection that PPCOD- Ms. Rushmi Dake, has towards the students. Last but not the least, Diya talks about her love n fondness for her Principal- Ms. Rashmi Gupta, which is seldom seen now a days, the one to one bonding. I am happy to have chosen Spring buds International as Diya's first formal school.
    I am happy to see that my daughter is in the best care at the day care as well. Care and warmth given by Ms. Farida and Ms. Surekha is parallel only to what a mother can give. Please keep up the great work.
    I would like to extend our humble gratitude to CPGIS, Pune along with tons of accolades.
    Have a great day today and always.
    Thanks and Regards
    Dhaarna Ahlowalia
    Dhaarna Ahlowalia
    - Parent
  • Gayatri Mathkar

    to Principal,

    Dear Mam,

    I truly want to thank you all for having Siddharth attend CIMUN.

    Siddharth has come back with such a rich experience that its hard for me to put it in words. He said “I made very good points and spoke very well”.. he also said “I am not disappointed I didn’t get best representative because I knew I was.. and other people came up to me to say that they were surprised that I didn’t get recognition”…
    As a matter of fact he say I want to attend all MUNs in and around and it is soul satisfying.. he said "I want to represent India in UN someday"…

    I think we all together have achieved what we want from our students.

    Thanks a lot Nadia mam and Alisha mam for taking such good care of kids and encouraging them… truly appreciate it..

    Thanks and Regards
    Gayatri Mathkar

    Gayatri Mathkar
    - Parent
  • Dear Ma'am,

    Today we really enjoyed meeting the old aged people. They all were very happy to see the children and were very lovely to talk to. They shared all the things with us very happily. Happiness is really good for their health.

    Thank you so much for making me a part of this beautiful and good effort. I pray to God for all aged people. 

    Hearty thank you Ma'am


    Ms. Dimple

    (Mother of Shrey and Shreya - Grade I A)

    Ms. Dimple
    - Mother
  • Dear Principal Ma'am,

    Thank you so much for making us a part of this wonderful efforts taken by school. Its my pleasure to visit "Sandhya Home" and I really felt that a small step from us can give others especially people who need love, care and time. A bundle of joy and happiness. This step from school has actually become a tonic for them.

    Most important it is necessary for the new generation to get this social sensitization. I was touched to see children from school getting emotional. The moment when kids were talking to the old age people their eyes were full of joy. Precisely to note, both children and old age people were so involved in Talking as if they know each other since long time. 

    They all liked food so much and it was like a feast for them. They relished food and mainly they loved the idea of kids serving food.

    I personally appreciate this idea of school to make kids feel the responsibilities towards family and society. Children while leaving the old age home mentioned that we cannot keep our parents like this. They liked all Dada Dadis and Nana Nanis in "Sandhya Home"

    Keep up the good work !!



    Ms. Jaya Mishra. 

    (Parent of Dihita Mishra and Vedica Mishra - I A and Nursery)




    Ms. Jaya Mishra
    - Mother
  • The concept of the fortnightly journal is refreshing and at the same time engaging for the parents to imagine the joy kids are getting while learning. Its thoughtful design is worth keeping it lifetime as frame of reference… many years down the line.
    Wish we also had these privileges!
    I can imagine how much efforts must have gone in preparing, collating and maintaining this piece of work. I want to congratulate everyone involved.

    Best wishes,
    Hanish  (father of Sayanti)
    Mr. Hanish Tiwari
    - Father of Sayanti - Jr. Kg